Customer Reviews

‘Brian, this is the best book I have ever read. I’m not done yet, but what I’ve read so far is great. I’m just finishing up Healing. This book should be taught in schools.’

Bob Taylor (Pennsylvania, USA)


‘The Meaning and Purpose of Life. I have just finished reading this inspirational and wonderful book by Brian Sadler. It has inspired me so much that I ordered a further five copies to give to my friends. I can see this book becoming a number one for personal development. Within its pages lies the secret of life and death and beyond. Brian Sadler’s book answers the questions most people ask, and up until now, the answers weren’t always clear or accessible. This book has it all! Anyone who dares to delve into this book will never, ever look at life in the same way again.’

Christine Oliver (Bedfordshire)


‘Having reached “old age” and experienced what life has given me, and now having a chance to look back at my life, I find that one question/statement constantly applies – “The older I get, the less I understand.” Brian’s book, I believe, helps one understand so much about life, and so long as you read it cover to cover, a tremendous amount of those questions are answered. Then READ IT AGAIN, to help one look again, and fit that BIG Jigsaw of Life, into your life.’

John Morgan (Northamptonshire)


‘I read it even more quickly than I thought I would. It was hard to put down.
I’ve spent many years reading books on metaphysical and paranormal topics but have never read one book that contained the depth of research coverage that yours does. It was obviously a labor of love. And will spread these teachings of light and love to a world badly in need of spiritual help. It is well written with beautifully selected quotations.’

Beverly Bennett (Ohio, USA)


‘I found your book very informative, easy to read and answers many questions we all have. Thank you for taking the time to write it in a very interesting and easy way.’

Mrs Lesley Dolinska (Berkshire)


‘Your book is brilliant, well done. It certainly provides an explanation for the seekers searching into the unknown, plus it is a good read of your own personal journey – very, very interesting indeed. I read it in two days. It is applicable to all ranges of people’s awareness or otherwise, and is a marvellous springboard into the spiritual realms for many new enquirers.’  Nancy Hill (Hertfordshire)


‘The book is clearly and literally a labour of love. I found it an easier read than I had expected from its all-encompassing title. I liked the balance and interplay between your own evolving life story, those of your wide circle of friends and the philosophical underpinning which is at the heart of the work.’

Peter Rawcliffe (Buckinghamshire)


'The Meaning and Purpose of Life is a valuable contribution to all those who are seeking answers and reasons for our life upon Earth. It will also help those who are bereaved and grieving to find hope and happiness again. A must read to keep by you at all times!' - Elizabeth Martyn (Bedfordshire)


'I've been reading your book once again, in fact, many times over.  I have found your book informative, of comfort and reassurance.'

Leslie Gallon (Staffordshire)


'I have just finished reading your book - wow! I thought it was wonderful; couldn't put it down.  I identified with so much that you wrote.'

Wendy Marston (Bedfordshire)


'Where to start? I was engrossed reading your very interesting book.  Many of the points you raise I can honestly agree with and believe in.  There are so many thought provoking issues that I'm currently reading it for the third time!  You are to be congratulated for producing such a "masterpiece".'

Brian Edgell (Cornwall)


'It is rare to find a comprehensive literary work that covers such vast ground concerning esoteric matters without being too encyclopedic and highbrow, or too widespread in content to give more than a light and simplistic smattering on such a vast array of subjects. Yet Brian Sadler masterfully uses his own spiritual journey to weave into his book the wisdom and understanding attained from personal experience and his incessant questing for truth and knowledge. It is his own tale that holds and gels the book together. I would highly recommend this book, both for the initiate and the more adept, as it is so eclectic - as well as being a damn good read!' 

Ian West (Buckinghamshire)


'Brian Sadler has gathered all the threads of spiritual questioning and answered them from his vast web of knowledge.  A book that is difficult to put down, and demands to be revisited time and time again.  An encyclopedia for the soul.'

Lesley Humphries (Bedfordshire)


'Just to let you know, your book helped me get through a difficult time of my life - thank you.  I'm going to give this book to my mum for her birthday.'

Julie Lobb (Cornwall)