Love - The Law of Life

Chapter Extract

'Though days and seasons soon are gone

a love that's true lives on and on.'

Robert William Lawrence



   "We have just fitted a vital piece of the jigsaw explaining how and why an impersonal Universal Intelligence vibrates energies of Love throughout the whole of space – that which we call The Absolute, or God, governs the Universe. So let us now investigate how and why that principle applies to our everyday lives.

   Once we understand and put into practice the principle of unconditional love, then we are well on our way to discovering one of the greatest ‘secrets’ of life that, unfortunately, for reasons that will become evident, seem elusive to our Mr and Mrs Average.

   Apart from the word God, love is probably one of the most abused and misunderstood words ever uttered by the human race. It is often used to convey a gambit of fickle emotions involving relationships with people, animals, music, art, food, Nature and every conceivable materialistic object imaginable. We fall in and out of love in the blink of an eye, discover that ‘love’ can easily turn to ‘hate’ and get confused between love and lust!

A Universal Language
   Love (harmony) heals and unites, whilst hatred (disharmony) destroys and divides – we can observe this in everyday life on a global scale. Anything that is not in harmony with itself will self-destruct. Countries, companies, institutions, families, marriages, health and happiness will all deteriorate and fall apart if disharmony is constantly present. Lack of harmony is lack of love! This is not just a fact of life it is an easily observed example of Cosmic Law. 


   Without love, life becomes meaningless and pointless. Love, like music, is a universal language that can be ‘spoken’ and understood by all living creatures – plants, insects, animals and humans – all have the ability to respond to love. Love is a language that we can express anywhere in the world, and even if we don’t understand the spoken dialect, a warm smile, a sincere handshake and a genuine hug or embrace are never misinterpreted by like-minded people. Like a diamond, love has many facets. 


   In the spring of 1990, Patricia and I visited the Punjab in northern India and stayed as guests of Indian friends. We were invited to the homes of many of our host’s friends and relations and, without exception; these complete strangers welcomed us with as much love and affection as if we had been their own family.

   On another occasion we visited an Ashram at Beas to listen to an Indian Master speak on Spiritual Discipline. We expected this to be the highlight of our holiday, but not so, as we found when invited to meet Bibi, an elderly lady who had lived in the Ashram for most of her life. Entering a small, basic humble brick dwelling in the Ashram grounds we sensed the most incredible atmosphere of love, and noticed a group of people sitting in front of an elderly lady who we instinctively knew was Bibi. Leaving our shoes in the doorway, not knowing what to expect, we made our way to a space on the floor and sat cross-legged.

   Sweetmeats and drinks were offered and we ate and drank in silence. When we had finished, Bibi beckoned us forward and as we knelt before her and looked into her eyes; rarely have I felt such depth of soul, love, compassion and humility in a human being. Words could not describe that humbling moment as I realised that we were in the presence of a highly evolved soul. Laying my head on her lap, she placed her hand on my head whereupon incredible waves of love permeated my entire body. The tears ran down my cheeks until I was sobbing uncontrollably.

   I then realised that Patricia was having the same experience and, with her head on Bibi’s lap, was also sobbing her heart out. She too had experienced those healing eyes and hands and the indescribable radiation of love. We both had the feeling that Bibi had ‘read’ our very souls, and in that instant knew more about us than we knew about ourselves. She had in those few precious moments imparted to us both, a peace and understanding that was priceless. She loved us and we loved her. We were strangers in her country who couldn’t speak her language or she ours. But that didn’t matter, we had communicated via the universal language of Love – a language spoken with the eyes and hands.


   Bibi was 92-years-of age and as fit and agile as many half her age, with her love keeping her physical body in youthfulness and spontaneity. So it was no surprise when we later saw her ........"