Invisible Worlds - where Are They?

Chapter Extract

'Those who hold eroneous views regarding the body

consider the body real and are relentless in their

pursuit of sensory pleasures. Little do they know of

other dimensions beyond that of the physical body.'

Venerable Master Hsing Yun


'There is no death, only a change of worlds.'

Chief Seattle 1786 - 1866 (Suquamish tribe)



   "Our world, the Earth, is surrounded and interpenetrated by other invisible worlds.  This fact is not very well known in the West, but in the East and the orient they have known, for thousands of years, that we live in a multidimensional universe. The ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Tibetans, Greeks and Indians were fully conversant with these other dimensions of existence, as were the North and South American Indians, the Maoris, Aborigines and many of the African native tribes.

   Down the ages, in virtually all races and cultures, there have been those who, either by accident or design, found that they could change their state of consciousness by trance, secret herbal potions, whirling or otherwise and tune in to these ‘invisible’ worlds. They were known as the oracles, witch doctors, medicine men and shamans. These other dimensions have been called Heaven, Paradise, Nirvana, the Happy Hunting Grounds, the Abode of the Gods, the Spirit Worlds, the Astral Worlds, Planes or Realms, Etheric Worlds, Celestial Realms, Svarga (Hindu), Devachan (Theosophical), Sukhavati (Buddhist), Valhalla (Viking) and the Unseen Universe. I sometimes refer to them as ‘Head Office’!

Worlds within Worlds
   As a designer, if I could maximise the amount of life in the Universe, I would create a world that vibrated at a very low frequency (the rate of vibration of atoms). Then, if I chose to create another world in the same space, all I would have to do is raise its frequency above the previous one.  I could keep doing this ad infinitum until I had hundreds or even thousands of different worlds all co-existing within the same space but on different frequencies. Therefore, they wouldn’t interfere with each other because they would each have their own personal frequency.

   Now, if I were to populate these worlds, I would have to make sure that the inhabitants vibrated at a similar rate to the world they were living in so that they could see each other and their environment as solid.  In our world we see and feel people and objects as solid, hear sounds and smell odours. What we are doing with our senses is tuning in to the frequency rates of the vibrating atoms in the objects, sounds and smells. Everything in the Universe is made up of atoms, and it is only the rate of vibration (frequency or wavelength) of those atoms that determines whether things appear solid, soft, opaque, liquid or ‘invisible’.

   Just because we cannot see or hear something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. The human eyes, ears and nose have a very limited frequency range, whilst most animals and other creatures can see, hear and smell far beyond our range. Why can’t there be a tree, a house or people that you cannot see, in front of you right now – even in the middle of your lounge or bedroom? They would just be vibrating at a different frequency that’s all."

   In our ‘modern’ world we have come to accept radio and television as part of our everyday lives, but how many of us have given any thought as to how it all works? At this very moment there are thousands of pictures and sounds being transmitted around the globe, many by satellite, yet they are all on different frequencies. They are passing through our bodies and the walls of our houses, but unless our television and radio receivers are switched on and tuned in to the required frequency, then we will be unaware of their existence. Once our sets are operational we can see and hear these signals as programmes of entertainment and, should we wish to change the programme, then we simply retune to a different frequency by flicking the channel-changer or turning a tuning dial.

   The invisible worlds interpenetrating our Earth are very much like that. Many people today, including children, can, by intuition, extra sensory perception (ESP), second sight or whatever, from time to time, sense, ‘see’ or ‘hear’ things beyond the normal senses.  What they are doing, knowingly or otherwise, is tuning into these invisible worlds and ‘seeing’ or ‘hearing’ their inhabitants. They have become receivers, just like televisions and radios and picked up some of the astral and spiritual world frequencies seeing them as images or visions. These are the people we now call psychics, mediums and clairvoyants; although I feel ‘sensitives’ would be more apt and appropriate because we have to be sensitive to these other dimensional frequencies to pick them up.


'Ancient man knew that smashing the atom yields pure energy.

He knew that human eyes could only see a tiny portion of the

electromagnetic spectrum (visible light), and he believed that other

worlds of realities existed beyond the limitations of his sight.'

John A. Keel (Our Haunted Planet)


Many Dimensions

   There are probably billions of 'invisible' planet worlds and other dimensions of consciousness within the Cosmos. Scientists are already talking about 'multiverses' and speculating on the 'string theory' of other dimensions, often quoting the third, fourth, fifth and even the tenth and eleventh dimension and beyond. They also suspect that these 'worlds' may confirm to unknown laws of physics. Today, physicists have confirmed what the mystics and philosophers of old have been saying, namely that there is a link between the ........"