Health - A Precious Gem

Chapter Extract

'With health, everything is a source of pleasure; without

it, nothing else, whatever it may be, is enjoyable.'

Arthur Schopenhauer 1788 - 1860 (German philosopher)


   "Watching their child undergo chemotherapy for leukaemia or other forms of cancer, is probably one of the most traumatic and emotional experiences that any parent can go through. They invariably ask such questions as, ‘Why? What has our child done to deserve this?’ Or, ‘How can God allow this to happen?’ Seeing a loved one trying to cope with any serious disease or sickness is heart wrenching. And those who have contracted one and have to live with it also ask, ‘Why me? How did I get it?’ – And other meaningful questions.

   Forty years ago I became interested in Spiritual Healing. This eventually brought me into contact with very sick people, many of them terminally ill. This affected me emotionally and prompted many soul-searching questions, as it was the first time I had encountered those who had been given potential ‘death sentences’. From then on I took a serious interest in health and wellbeing as it saddened me to observe so many sick people in our society. With full hospitals, long waiting lists and crowded doctors’ surgeries, it was an indication that something was dreadfully wrong with our lifestyles. Understanding where sickness and disease fitted into Nature’s plan proved vital if I was ever going to make sense of life’s puzzle.


   At the time, I was in my early thirties, healthy and, like most people of that age and younger, thought I was physically immortal and could eat and drink
anything and get away with it. The story is different now and, being that much older and wiser, I am very particular what substances go on my body and what food and liquids go into my mouth.

   When we buy a motor vehicle we read the maintenance handbook to make sure that it is serviced properly, and that we use the correct fuels and oils so that it will give us years of reliable motoring without breaking down. When it comes to looking after our own bodies it is a very different story. Our Mr and Mrs Average are inclined to put a fair degree of ‘junk’ into their mouths – particularly if it’s called ‘Chocolate Temptation’ or other mouth-watering names. Being laden with sugar, salt or fat seems to be ignored. That is, until the wake-up call, when the necessity to visit the doctor’s surgery informs them that their complaint is serious and requires a hospital visit for X-rays and further tests – a never ending scenario!

   Many are now beginning to realise that if they wish to enjoy a long and healthy life free of prescription drugs and hospital food, then taking personal responsibility for their own health and scrutinising what they eat and drink is a necessity. Processed foods, fizzy (carbonated) drinks, excess sugar and salt, for example, become off limits - or heavily restricted. This, if coupled with being physically and mentally active - particularly as the year advance - helps to keep rigor mortis at bay for as long as possible!


   If you are fit and well and come into the health conscious category, then what I have to say will be common sense, so please bear with me. Unfortunately, as health statistics prove, it is not common sense to the majority of us!

Where Have We Gone Wrong?
   As a design engineer, I have long admired the logistics of the human body and how it has evolved and adapted to its environment over the centuries. It’s an amazing and complex organism capable of living up to 120 years of useful life – as evidenced by the Hunza people in Pakistan. It has an in-built, selfrepairing immune system, programmed to attack and repel thousands of viruses that invade our bodies as well as all the internal and external repair jobs it is required to do when we get injured. Our body needs the correct maintenance schedule to run efficiently and give reliable and lengthy service. The basic requirements being:

  • Nutritious food and drink (for energy, cell growth, immune system and DNA and gene protection).
  • A positive attitude of mind (motivational body intelligence for cells and immune system).
  • The right environment (clean air to breathe).
  • Regular moderate exercise (strengthens bones, muscles, heart and immune system).

   If any of these factors are wrong then we invite potential health problems and a possible early demise. This means that the organism breaks down, becomes unreliable and is possibly scrapped – a condition we call ‘death’.


   For centuries, those who lived close to Nature and worked in harmony with it knew that certain herbs and plants brought relief or cure for every known sickness and disease. Nature’s healers, such as Aloe Vera, ginger, ginseng and garlic, for example, are known to aid the immune system.


   In theory, if our imune system was 100 per cent efficient we would be in peak health. Unfortunately, due to lifestyle ignorance, many of us are ...."