Healing - Does it Work?

Chapter Extract

'This is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human

body, that the physicians first separate the soul from the body.'

Plato 429 - 348 BC (Greek philosopher)



   "How can a complete stranger place their hands on or over a sick person and see them recover? That was the question that baffled me. In 1968, my mother’s sixtieth year, her hip was x–rayed and the joint found to be virtually non-existent due to the corrosive action of osteoarthritis. At that time replacement artificial hip joints were in their infancy and, according to her doctor, were ‘more kill than cure’. My mother was a very strong and active lady, who had been in business most of her working life, could do simple car and house D.I.Y, garden all day, dance all night and still have energy to spare. But the one thing she couldn’t cope with was the pain in her hip that reduced her to tears from time to time. 


   One such occasion found her in excruciating pain, trying to hide the tears whilst serving a customer in the village shop that she and my father owned. ‘What’s the matter Elsie?’ asked the customer, ‘You don’t look too good.’ ‘I don’t know where to put myself with this pain,’ mother replied, ‘the doctor can’t do anything for me, the painkillers aren’t very effective and the hospital physiotherapy just makes it worse. I’m at my wits end.’ ‘Have you ever thought about Spiritual Healing?’ asked the customer. ‘No,’ mother replied, ‘but I’ll try anything to get rid of this pain.’

   The customer gave details of a healer in Watford who had healed her and many of her friends of complaints, that according to doctors, they would ‘just have to live with’. The following evening my parents set off on the half-hour drive to Watford to keep an appointment with John the healer. 


   John was a middle-aged gentleman with a regular daytime job. He had no medical knowledge whatsoever and gave healing in the evenings and weekends. He was not unduly concerned with the ‘complaint’ and simply talked about life in general whilst putting his hands over my mother’s hip. 


   Six visits later, my mother was completely free of pain and only suffered slight twinges if she over-did the dancing or gardening. I ribbed her that it must have been auto-suggestion. ‘John never suggested anything; he talked mostly about gardening and holidays; and he never charged, so we took him and his wife some tea and coffee.’ ‘Did he ask you to have faith?’ I asked. ‘No he didn’t – I went because I was desperate!’ was the reply. 


   For the next 10 years my mother remained free of pain and it was only the trauma and grief of my father’s death in 1978 that caused it to partially return. In 1981 she had an artificial hip replacement, as it was by then a routine operation.

Healing Apprenticeship

   As previously mentioned; in 1973, I joined the Healing Sanctuary of Michael and Vera Gardner-Jones for training in the ‘laying on of hands’, or Spiritual Healing as it was commonly known. We were taught to place our hands about 2.5cm (one inch) over a volunteer patient’s head and gently scan the body using them like a metal detector, but instead of searching for metal we were searching for cold emanations or ‘icy blasts’ as Mike called them. This was where the problem was, he explained, not necessarily where the pain was. An aching knee, for example, could be the result of lower back problems, and it was impressed upon us that healing treated the cause not the effect (symptoms). 


   Whilst detecting cold emanations on volunteers we were instructed to leave our hands in that particular area until the emanations diminished or ceased. The patient would often feel tremendous heat from our hands, which was usually accompanied by a ‘pins and needles’ tingling sensation in our fingertips. This confirmed that the healing energies were being absorbed. Most volunteers reported that their discomfort had gone, which gave us confidence to learn more and not doubt our ability. ‘Go home and practise on the cat,’ Mike would joke. ‘They don’t put up mental barriers like humans do.’ We didn’t have a cat, but I did practise on our dog and, much to their amusement, the rest of the family! 


   I have given healing a chapter in its own right, not just because it played a big part in my life, but because healing with the hands is based on love and 

compassion – the principle Law of Life. This is natural healing and many a mother has healed her child with her hands and not realised. By touching fellow human beings or animals in that way we are imparting love, which channels the natural healing energies of the Universe into a sick person or animal, thereby stimulating and kick-starting the patient’s immune system and psychic energy centres (chakras).


   These energies have been known by many cultures.  To the Indians they are known as Prana and to the Orientals as Chi. The history of hands on healing goes back at least 4,000 years and was practiced by ......."