About Brian Sadler

   Brian was born in Twickenham, England, in 1938 and started his education at a Church of England primary school during the war in 1943, and later at a local secondary modern school. He ventured into the world of engineering gaining workshop experience whilst studying at technical college. He spent over forty years in engineering design; thirty of those on a freelance basis.


   In 1973, a chance event changed Brian’s life forever, and opened his receptive mind to the deeper ‘mysteries’ of life and death. No longer could he accept a mundane world of conflict, selfishness and greed. There had to be a deeper meaning and purpose to life than years of bed, work, bed, work, death and then a grave - and raising children to go through the same endless cycle generation after generation. Dismissing the many bland, unprovable statements from various establishments, the quest to find the Truth, and nothing but the Truth, began.


   Brian’s varied interests include family and friends, classical music, reading, writing, ancient civilisations, astro-physics, Hatha Yoga, meditation, spiritual healing, the scientific approach to investigating life after death, comparative religions, reincarnation, health issues, alternative medicine, the higher philosophical teachings, altered states of consciousness, the meaning and purpose of life, UFOs, the nature of God, quantum mechanics, the multi-dimensional universe - and everything that the blessing of an open and enquiring mind can grasp.


   It has been an amazing quest to find a meaning and purpose to life and death, and numerous psychic and mystical experiences have continued to confirm what all genuine seekers of Truth have found.


   Brian is widely travelled and lectured for over 25 years on all related metaphysical subjects, including Question and Answer evenings, 15 years of public mediumship and clairvoyant demonstrations, 30 years of spiritual healing, counselling the bereaved and suicidal, running psychic development circles as well as meditation and philosophical discussion groups.


   For the past 40 years, the inspirational philosophical writings of Dr Paul Brunton have been Brian's guiding light, and he regarded PB (as he is affectionatly known)as a spiritual mentor.  His many books still continue to inspire and encourage thousands of readers all over the world (see: Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation www.paulbrunton.org)


   In 2005, Brian was elected as a county councillor, and in 2007 as a town councillor; being elected Leader of the latter. The experience gained in working with the police, local youth facilities, social services, special needs children and adults, local doctors and other National Health Service (NHS) officers has been invaluable, as has the experience of being a governor on two local education establishments.


   Brian now lives in Bedfordshire, England, with his wife Patricia, and enjoys being with family and friends. Eight grandchildren help to keep him young!